China Media Panel on 7th September

Panel on ‘China’s traditional and social media: Changing Media, Changing China?’
Room 355, Main Building, University of Glasgow,
7 September 2017, 13.30-15.00

The Scottish Centre for China Research Postgraduate Network has organised this panel discussion on developments in traditional Chinese media and social media during the British Association for Chinese Studies conference at the University of Glasgow from 7-9 September 2017. However, you do not need to be registered for the conference to attend the panel.

The panel will be chaired by Daniela Stockmann, Professor of Digital Politics and Media at the Hertie School in Berlin. The speakers will be:

• Vincent Weifeng Ni who is a journalist at the BBC and previously a foreign correspondent for Caixin, where he spearheaded the publication’s coverage of the Arab Spring
• Xin Xin who is Reader in International Media at the University of Westminster. She is the author of How the Market is Changing China’s News: The Case Xinhua News Agency and she worked at Xinhua earlier in her career
• Dr Jonathan Sullivan, the Director of the China Policy Institute at Nottingham University. His expertise includes the Chinese Internet and media

All welcome.

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